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Taiwan’s biggest Tapioca Pearl Manufacturer, eat without worries, quality first, reputation first, is our business philosophy.


Crossing International, the Happiness Power of Tapioca Pearls Warms Every Corner.

Tapioca pearls, as a representative of the unique Oriental food culture, emphasize the scientific impact of food texture and chewing. Scientific research has shown that chewing can calm and relax the brain. This food with its distinctive texture, chewiness, and elasticity is beloved by many.


The popularity of Tapioca Pearls is not only related to its texture but also due to its ability to convey a sense of happiness, gaining recognition and love worldwide. As a traditional Taiwanese beverage, Tapioca Pearls have rapidly spread with the exchange of global food cultures, bringing the power of happiness to various corners of the world.


This popularity stems from the culture of texture and scientific understanding, while showcasing the allure of Tapioca Pearls as a unique food. It satisfies people’s desires for texture, visual appeal, and experience, all while carrying the power of happiness and spreading warmth and joy worldwide.


The success of Tapioca Pearls is a testament to the power of texture culture and science, allowing us to experience the happiness and satisfaction that food brings and spreading the energy of happiness to every corner of the world. It serves as a symbol of texture culture and a messenger of happiness, illuminating people’s lives with the radiant glow of global happiness and joy as they savor the delightful taste of Tapioca Pearls.

Company Mission and Values

Andes Food’s mission is to spread the power of happiness through Tapioca pearls, bringing joy and warmth to every person around the world. Our values are rooted in quality, persistently pursuing excellence and innovation. We respect the trust of our customers and establish long-lasting relationships through sincere business practices and care. We embrace social responsibility and are committed to sustainable development and environmental protection. We value teamwork and the sharing of knowledge to achieve common goals. We embrace diversity and inclusivity to foster global communication and collaboration. Through our efforts, Tapioca pearls will become one of the most popular and positively impactful food cultures in the world.

Global Influence

Andes Food has a global brand influence and has become the preferred choice of major international brands. We take pride in our innovative applications that have taken Tapioca Pearls to new heights, making them a highly sought-after star product in the international food and beverage industry. By continuously improving quality and obtaining international certifications, we have gained consumers’ complete trust and loyalty. Our mission is to spread the power of happiness that Tapioca Pearls bring to every corner of the globe, bringing warmth and joy to the world. Whether it’s world-renowned chain brands or top-tier food and beverage enterprises, they choose to trust our brand. We lead the trends and are the preferred choice of major international brands.

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Professional Certification and Quality Assurance

Andes Food’s professional quality assurance team has obtained the highest level of certification, providing customers with quality assurance. Strict source management and quality control ensure the exceptional quality and hygiene of our Tapioca Pearls. We are proud to have received FSSC 22000 certification, an international standard for global food safety management, as well as Halal certification and FDA certification. These certifications establish a reliable foundation for our brand, allowing customers to choose and enjoy our Tapioca Pearl products with peace of mind. We strive to continuously provide customers with the highest quality products, meeting their expectations and trust. We uphold quality and ensure that every bite of Tapioca Pearls brings customers endless satisfaction and happiness.

Innovation And Diversified Products

The future product planning of Andes Food focuses on three directions: innovative applications, diverse customized flavors, and health and nutrition.

Innovative Applications.

We will explore the various uses and potential of Tapioca Pearls, developing more surprising products. Whether it’s combining with coffee, tea, or other beverages, we will bring forth fresh flavor experiences and styles to meet the preferences and demands of different consumers.

Diverse Customized Flavors

It is another key focus of ours. We will introduce a wider range of flavors for Tapioca Pearls, fully satisfying consumers’ pursuit of personalization and diversity. Whether it’s classic flavors or unique innovative ones, we are committed to providing more choices, so that everyone can find their preferred taste.

Health And Nutrition.

It is the third direction in our product planning. We will focus on the nutritional value and health factors of Tapioca Pearls, developing healthier formulas and production methods. We are committed to providing consumers with not only delicious but also nutritionally balanced Tapioca Pearls, allowing everyone to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while indulging in our products.


Through these future product plans, we will continuously innovate, meet consumer demands, and preserve the unique charm of Tapioca Pearls. We believe that these new products will bring more surprises and joy to people, allowing Tapioca Pearls to continue to thrive and gain a reputation worldwide.

Through these future product plans, we will continuously innovate, meet consumer demands, and preserve the unique charm of Tapioca Pearls. We believe that these new products will bring more surprises and joy to people, allowing Tapioca Pearls to continue to thrive and gain reputation worldwide.

The Power of Happiness Stems from the Requirements of Our Production Craftsmanship.

We pursue the ultimate, and the power of happiness stems from our exquisite craftsmanship. Each Tapioca Pearl undergoes 10,000 meticulous rolling and polishing processes, showcasing our determination and excellence.

We strictly pursue an exquisite texture. Through precise standard operating procedures, we ensure that the chewiness and texture of Tapioca Pearls are perfectly matched. Our team undergoes professional training and possesses extensive experience in accurately controlling ingredient proportions, ensuring consistent quality of Tapioca Pearls.

Tapioca Pearls perfectly blend with a variety of beverages and foods, showcasing their unique characteristics. Whether paired with milk tea, fruit juice, or creative dishes, they exhibit a harmonious and exceptional balance of flavors, allowing consumers to experience a delicate chewy texture.

We firmly believe that exceptional quality stems from exquisite craftsmanship. Each Tapioca pearl is a meticulously crafted gem that delivers a delicate texture and the power of happiness to the core. Taste our Tapioca Pearls, immerse yourself in the unique sensation of blissful mouthfeel, and let your taste buds bathe in abundant joy and satisfaction.

Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

We uphold our social responsibility and are committed to sustainable development. In terms of environmental protection, we actively take measures to reduce carbon emissions and minimize our impact on the environment. By optimizing our production processes and transportation methods, we strive to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, making our contribution to environmental conservation.

Wastewater treatment is one of our important missions. We invest in advanced wastewater treatment facilities to ensure that the wastewater generated during the production process is effectively treated and purified, preventing pollution of water resources and the ecological environment.

Waste management is also a key focus for us. We actively promote waste recycling and resource utilization, transforming waste into valuable feed and other reusable materials. This helps reduce reliance on natural resources and promotes the development of a circular economy.

At the same time, we focus on the recycling of wastewater. By implementing advanced water treatment technologies, we treat and purify wastewater and then recycle it in the production process, achieving efficient resource utilization and reducing the demand for freshwater resources.

We will continue to promote the principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, striving for continuous improvement and innovation, and contributing to environmental protection and social progress. We believe that through collective efforts, we can create a better and more sustainable future.

Brand Mission's Call to Action

Our brand mission is to ignite the power of happiness and make a profound impact on the entire industry. We call upon everyone to join us and work together towards a brighter future.

In this era of challenges and transformations, we believe that happiness is a universal longing within everyone. We aspire to bring joy, fulfillment, and happiness to the industry through our products and philosophies.

However, our mission extends beyond personal happiness; we are also dedicated to influencing the entire industry. We deeply understand the importance of the environment and society, and we uphold the values of sustainability, committed to protecting the environment and driving social progress.

We call upon everyone to join this mission, through their actions and choices, spread the power of happiness, collectively creating a better and sustainable industry. Let us work hand in hand to leave future generations with an industry filled with happiness and hope.

Whether consumers, partners, or industry collaborators, let us together embody our brand mission. Through every small action, let us spread the power of happiness and collectively build a better industry. May our brand become a guiding force that inspires people to pursue happiness, care for the environment, and contribute to society.

Achievements and Recognition

Our proud achievements serve as a testament to our industry leadership and professional capabilities. As the first Tapioca Pearls factory globally to obtain FSSC22000 certification, we have set the industry benchmark in terms of food safety management. This certification ensures that our products adhere to the highest global standards in terms of source management, production processes, and hygiene safety.

We are also the first Tapioca Pearls factory to introduce advanced environmental wastewater treatment systems. Through efficient wastewater treatment and recycling, we have significantly reduced carbon emissions and environmental impact. This initiative reflects our commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection, establishing us as pioneers and role models in the industry.

Our factory, which emphasizes source management and traceability, is also a pioneer in the industry. We strive for excellence, ensuring the quality and reliability of raw materials, and establishing a comprehensive traceability system that allows consumers to trust the quality and safety of our products.

These tangible achievements not only reflect our innovative capabilities and technical strength but also highlight our commitment to quality, safety, and the environment. We lead the industry’s transformation, continuously pioneering new frontiers, and delivering exceptional products and services to consumers.

Our tangible achievements are the result of our continuous efforts and refusal to settle for the status quo. They also serve as a testament to our commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility. We will continue to set benchmarks in the industry, creating greater value and impact for our customers and society

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Our company has passed the HALAL Certificate

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