A Tapioca Pearl that rolls throughout the world, Chewy and Healthy.


Famous Brand Chain Store Branch Cooperation

Beverage Chain Store Channel

As drink shops become trendy in Taiwan, nationwide ad international business partners are very much welcome. Andes Food helps you customize your own product, small scale to big scale production. Quality control, raw materials, shipping, warehouse and exporting goods. We help assist you and terms are as open to the public.  And our company stand by our premium pricing, we sell value, not price. With our abundant experiences in this market world.

The Central Kitchen Of Tapioca Pearl

International Food and Beverage Department

Famous Bubble Tea that spread out to the whole world and made Taiwan be known. A classic and chewy Pearl that rolls and travels to each heart. A Tapioca Pearl that shall take you to a whole new world of beverage. It also showed how versatile it is.

Andes Food Enterprise manufacture and produce 100 tons of pearls. Sold out 6million cups of Bubble Tea everyday. Andes Food is Taiwan’s main source and manufacturer of Tapioca Pearls (Boba) supplier, uses the highest SOP, creates and enhances the finest pearls with guaranteed.


Specialty Shop

Bubble Milk Tea from a small store to the biggest drinks chain stores. One cup that goes a long, long way to make its way to the world. Not only seen stalls but also in the Department stores and shopping malls. That became not just an ordinary drink but a trendy fashion. And make Tapioca Pearl become a fashion icon.

Parents’ best partners, great choice! And easy way to prepare!


Used the finest raw materials and no additives, into an Instant Pearl Pack. With licensed and frozen techniques. And has versatile flavors. A pack a time, easy to prepare and carry anytime and anywhere. Easy for consumers to buy retail. And uses Tapioca pearl with their cuisine, a different taste, chewy taste, and became parents’ favorite partner in their meals.



Turn on your computer or phone and easy to place an order. No need to run to the nearest store to have one. Time saving, no time limit. A wide selection to pick from, and we have staffs to deliver right to your house. To satisfy and allow you to enjoy our product.

Office workers’ great partners, no distance and pressure delight

Vending machine

Install in buildings whereas office workers can grab a pack of Tapioca pearl anytime. Just by using the microwave to reheat for a minute and ready to serve. An office worker’s idle time favorite pastime. A pack of Tapioca pearls that brings delight and contentment within their daily job.

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