Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearls

Aromatic Flavor Fragrant


Taiwan’s traditional great taste, its texture is elastic that became popular and a top ranking sweet delicacy. It uses the highest Cassava Starch and mixed with Brown Sugar. Roll by roll with an elastic taste, can be blended with your favorite drinks like Black Tea, Milk Tea, plus a nice dessert to savor the drink. Hot and Cold are popular with all generations. A taste that goes a long, long way.

Product Type Bubble Tea Ingredients
Bubble Tea Ingredients Type Tapioca Ball
Shape Round
Packaging 3kg/bag; 6bags/box
Color Black
Shelf Life 8 Months
Additives Imported perfume
Weight (kg) 1kg,3kg
Place of Origin Taiwan
Brand Name Andesboba
Size 2.2(mm)
Storage Keep In Dry and Cool place
Service OEM are available
Minimum Order Quantity(ton) 10/TEU
Trade Term EXW,FOB

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