Instant Pearl in packets

Ready made instant pack



The instant pack is easy to prepare, pack by pack, and easy to reheat with hot water. From each Tapioca Pearl bite, you will chew it with its elasticity flavor. Taste just like home preparation. Besides the traditional brown sugar taste, in addition to diverse flavors. Best with your milk tea, milk, other beverages, and sweet snacks. Easy to prepare, anytime and anywhere savoring an instant pack of Tapioca pearls.

Product Type
Bubble Tea Ingredients
Bubble Tea Ingredients Type Tapioca Ball
Shape Round
0.07kg/bag; 80bags/box
Color Black,Colorful
Shelf Life 24 Months
Additives Yes
Weight (kg) 0.07kg
Place of Origin Taiwan
Brand Name Andesboba
Size 2.5(mm)
Storage Freezing
OEM are available
Minimum Order Quantity(ton) 20/TEU
Trade Term EXW,FOB

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