Taiwan Beverage International Service

International Chain Store brand, from customized design, manufacture and management control, qualified international packing, long term supply highest quality products.
Assisting Clients Customized Products

Contract Manufacturing OEM

  • Outsourcing product quantity, price quotation and evaluation
  • Confirm OEM contract system
  • OEM product development, small production
  • Undergo Andes Manufacture procedure, big production
  • Passed internal product qualification, third party inspection
  • Shipping service, national and international
Satisfying your Chewy thought, help assist clients exclusive product

Customized Product

With ten years of cooperation with international business experience. From Tapioca pearls itself to customized services. We assist clients’ requirements, from the concept takes an inside-out perspective. Individual design pearl flavor. Sizes can be adjusted, texture and design supply varieties of customized selections.

Help reduce the cost of storage and shipping, we supplied quantitative packaging. To satisfy orders and effectivity.

Experience Zero time difference service

International Cross Border Order Services

Distributed to 40 countries, with a daily average of 6million cups sold of Boba Milk Tea from Andes Food Enterprise. Such as North America, Europe, Asia, and other business countries. Customized based on different countries’ cultures and flavors, based on its taste and gives suggestions. We have professional staffs to assist with all kinds of languages, from purchasing, analysis, currency rate, raw material price, to help build client’s exclusive supplier.

Rooted in Taiwan “The Tapioca Pearl” that rolls around the world

International Dealer

As an International Tapioca Pearl Brand for thirty years of great quality. Been acknowledged and certified. Supplied to many different countries such as America, Europe, Asia, etc. Also in Asia, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Guangzhou, Jiangsu factories were built. Reduce the tax, vending wholesale and retail as the customers’ requirements. Offers the diversity of international shipping and warehousing.

No Language barrier, professional staffs to assist you

CRM(Customers Relationship Management)

Hospitable and Enthusiastic staffs to assist and help you as you place your order and about the enterprise. Andes Food also offers you assistance thru all your orders, raw materials, management, documents, shipping and warehousing. We offer professional assistance.

Safety Management

Food Control and Safety Management

We have the complete management to control all the manufacture of our products. From raw materials, source, and undergo evaluation. Our Staffs has undergone workshop and training to be a part of our enterprise. All our department SOP, enhancing only time saving and efficiency. From warehousing, raw material source, production, prices, international logistics, room temperature and humidity control.


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